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Like the international community, Canada has abandoned Israel with regard to Hezbollah.

If and when the full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah breaks out in Lebanon, it will be nothing like the IDF’s urban warfare campaign in Gaza. Not only was this conflict avoidable, but the international community has made it almost inevitable.


Before October 6, 2023, some 18, 500 Palestinians from Gaza would cross into Israel to work in Israeli communities where they earned higher wages and enjoyed better working conditions than their peers on the other side of the fence.


On October 7, 2023, roughly 3, 000 militants from Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas initiated a war against the Jewish State by invading Israel, massacring 1, 200 Israelis, and taking 252 hostages back to Gaza.

Instead of asking permission from the Palestinians whose collective interests Hamas claims to represent or consulting with the other Palestinian factions based in the West Bank, the terrorists launched this operation unilaterally.


On October 8, 2023, the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah initiated its own war against Israel in solidarity with Hamas by attacking the Jewish State from the sovereign territory of Lebanon. At least 80, 000 Israelis have since been displaced from the north.


The democratically elected Lebanese government did not authorize Hezbollah to initiate this war against Israel. This decision was not debated in the Lebanese parliament. Citizens of Lebanon were not consulted either. It seems likely that one person, the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, took this decision unilaterally by the direct order of Iranian dictator Ali Khamenei.


Since then, Israel has been fighting a war on its southern border against Hamas and on its northern border against Hezbollah, while also defending itself from swarms of drones, rocket attacks and missile barrages fired by Iran and Tehran-backed terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.


Canadian media has barely covered the conflict on Israel’s northern front. The narrative has been dominated by devastating footage from the IDF’s urban warfare operation against Hamas in Gaza, and the aggressive global propaganda campaign against the Jewish State instead. Both of these have radicalized many Canadians and turned most of the international community against Israel.


As the war on the northern front spirals further out of control, Hezbollah’s aggression against Israel is treated not only as normal but also as justified by “progressives” in the West.


First, this is anything but normal. Hezbollah is by far the world’s most powerful terrorist group. It is the only major faction in Lebanon that did not disarm after the Taif Accords ended the Lebanese Civil War in 1989. Despite having its own army, Hezbollah continues to operate from the sovereign territory of Lebanon in violation of Lebanese laws and multiple United Nations Security Council Resolutions.


Second, this is anything but justified. In 2006, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 ended the last Israel-Hezbollah war. Among other things, this stipulated that Hezbollah must withdraw north of the Litani River, the main natural border between Israel and Lebanon. 13, 000 “peacekeepers” with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), there since 1978, have been unable to enforce this legally binding UNSC resolution. Neither have the international community, the Government of Lebanon, or the Lebanese Armed Forces.


To put this colossal failure into perspective: In 2006, Hezbollah had roughly 15, 000 rockets. Its arsenal has since grown exponentially to more than 150, 000. Hezbollah’s foot-soldiers once operated as little more than guerrillas against Israel. They have since served as infantrymen alongside Bashar al-Assad’s army and mercenaries like the Wagner Group in Syria while Russian and Syrian fighter jets turned cities such as Daraa into rubble.


Hezbollah is the elephant in the room that nobody in Canada wants to talk about.


Searches of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s, Foreign Minister Melanie Joly’s, and Global Affairs Canada’s Twitter accounts reveal that the words “United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701” and “Hezbollah” have never been used. They haven’t referred to any of these in their official communications with Canadians since Hezbollah initiated its war against Israel on October 8 either.


Despite receiving less coverage than the Gaza front, parts of northern Israel are on fire as we speak. Rest assured that Hezbollah will continue escalating the conflict as Israel gets closer to Hamas chief Yahyah Sinwar’s bunker in Gaza. This will also coincide with calls for Jerusalem to engage in unilateral and unconditional ceasefires on both fronts growing louder too.


Though the IDF pursued a “clear and leave” military strategy against Hamas in Gaza, Israel is likely to invade and occupy southern Lebanon to enforce UNSC 1701 in the final confrontation with Hezbollah. Not only was this war avoidable, but the international community has made it almost inevitable.


Originally published by Toronto Sun on June 22, 2024.

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