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My name is George Monastiriakos. I am a proud son of Chomedey, lawyer licensing candidate and lecturer at the University of Ottawa sanctioned by Russia for my Ukraine advocacy.


In 2010, I was working the graveyard shift at Toys R Us and dreaming of returning to school to become a lawyer. 

Despite 16 rejections from 7 schools, I have since obtained a Diploma of College Studies in Social Sciences, a Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in Political Science and History, a Licentiate in Law, and a Juris Doctor at universities in Canada, France, Chile and Australia.

Before law school, I helped build a multi-million dollar fintech company, started an investment portfolio, wrote, recorded and released more than 40 original songs, and performed before audiences as large as 300 people.

As a civil law student, I graduated as valedictorian, served as president of student government, created a scholarship for students from single-parent homes, and successfully advocated to amend Bill 75 (An Act to improve justice accessibility and efficiency) at the National Assembly of Québec.

As a common law student, I worked as a research assistant in artificial intelligence for Professor Céline Castets-Renard, in constitutional law for Professor Benoît Pelletier, and in criminal law for Professor Terry Skolnik. I also conducted policy research and analysis for Bill S-256 (An Act to amend the Canada Post Corporation Act), Bill S-4 (An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Identification of Criminals Act) and Bill C-13 (An Act for the Substantive Equality of Canada’s Official Languages) for Senator Pierre J. Dalphond.

After law school, I completed my articles of clerkship at a boutique litigation firm in Ottawa, and a fellowship at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. 

Passionate about foreign policy, I have written more than 80 articles for MSN, Yahoo, Newsweek, The National Interest, National Newswatch, National Post, The Diplomat, Geopolitical Monitor, The Globe and Mail, The Hill, The Hill Times, Kathimerini, The Kyiv Independent, Kyiv Post, La Presse, Law 360, Le Devoir, Ottawa Citizen, Policy Options, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, The Times of Israel, and 19FortyFive. I have also been translated, quoted, and interviewed as a foreign affairs expert by dozens of newspapers of record, academic journals, and digital media outlets based in 32 countries.

One of my long-term goals is to visit every country on earth. So far, I have traveled to 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

If you’re interested in connecting with me, you can reach me by email at

Success is imminent!

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